Overworked Husbands – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

ebony sex story


That’s right! You will love this book because it’s written by Vanessa Divine, a young promising star.

Her style will make you drool over her work.

Her style will make you envy the characters in the book.

That’s why you need to read the OverWorked Husbands book, which at it’s core is a story about a black women who enjoys a night out more than she afford.

Read the description of the book on Amazon.com.

A story that will leave you craving for some more sexy action…

Yeah… I have something right now in the backstage of a new release. It’s on it’s way but I have some trouble choosing a name. Anyway… you will love it.

So check this website again if you want to find out what’s all the fuss about!

Taboo Sex Stories: Step Mom-Son Temptation

Isn’t this hot or not? :)

This is the 2nd Volume on TABOO SEX STORIES : Step Mom-Son Temptation .

Yeah…it’s about a hot mom and a young son!

If you want to see the full description and details > See it on Amazon!


People are buying this taboo sex story like crazy.


Taboo Sex Stories (VOL III): My Best Friend’s MILF

I know…I know… You love that cover! I do it too!

I actually spent a few weeks just “looking” at the cover :)

The 3d volume on Taboo Sex Stories: My Best Friend’s Milf was launched. Yeah…I started with the 3d..not 1st … because I am special :) )

You can get it on Amazon for .99 cents. I hope you enjoy it!

Neighbor sex story: Neighbor Guilt Free Pass

Having a fantasy about a hot neighbor?

Then Neighbor Guilt Free Pass will help you release that tension because it’s about a family that just moved in the neighborhood and a hot MILF that lived across the street. But the nasty part gets wierd too…

Get it on Amazon. 

:)) Californian Babysitters Vol 1: You like it big? You like it black?

Yeah…it’s an interracial smut series and I promise to anyone who buys any of the books in this series: You won’t regret it!


1. Because you will love it?

2. Because this series is planned to have more than 50 volumes? – NO S**T!!!

3. Because it’s in California, one of the most desired location in the world?

I don’t really know – figure it yourself!

Get Californian Babysitters Vol 1: You like it big? You like it black? on Amazon:

Taboo Sex Stories **Leaked Cover

A few weeks ago I’ve written on the blog a post about a new series of mine: Taboo Sex Stories.

Well.. time has come and I have almost finished the first 4 volumes which include 4 short stories of steamy sex and lust.

I bet you can’t wait their release!



I think I have a virus or something on my computer and it’s trying to post the first cover of the series. :)

I ain’t 100% sure if it’s the final version but I think it might be.

Blackmailed Student – Sex Story with 1 Teacher and 1 Student

Around Christmas I released a new book: Blackmailed Student and I can tell you I love this one…Maybe it’s the cover or maybe it’s the fantasy but I really recommend reading it.

You can find it on Amazon!

The Spicy Taboo Sex Stories isn’t released yet because I find it hard to come up with 4 taboo stories that are somehow different from what other erotica writers are doing … Have any ideas? I am waiting for one…

The new erotica series that I am thinking about lately

After a lot of thinking I managed to set the name for the next sex series and I decided to go with Spicy Taboo Sex Stories. 

The series will contain all the taboo sex stories spiced up with some nasty fantasies that people don’t like to talk about.

So keep checking this blog until the release of the first volumes which I think will be at the end of the week.

It’s a bit hard to jerk some, fuck some and write in the same time.

Feel me?


PS. If you have any ideas or sugestions just shoot me a juicy e-mail ok?

MMF Sex Stories Vol V: PornoSpouse :)

I bet you find this difficult…What could PornoSpouse mean?!

Hmm…. there’s sure sex in it…hmm…maybe a wife or husband…but what else?

I am going to give you a clue…a clue that you can’t find in the Amazon description…because you are my favorite readers.

It involves a porn movie scene that gets difficult and it transforms into some hardcore good ol’ fashion fuck!

Yeah.. You can get this one too on Amazon.